Today is a prime example of why this blog is necessary. On Monday when I gathered information for the Tennessean fishing report the Harpeth River was at 63 degrees and very stained and the main lake was 60 to 61 degrees and very stained. Today, Thursday, the Harpeth River was 71 to 72 degrees and just slightly stained and the main lake was 66 degrees and only slightly stained. This is a significant difference this time of year. There are 2 key factors here that make this blog more relevant. One factor is my Thursday report in The Tennessean is based on information gathered on that preceding Monday, 3 days prior. By Thursday when it appears many things have possibly changed. The second factor is the current information I am reporting today is much closer to the weekend when most of you folks fish and therefore much more relevant. The information I enter is information that I have gathered by going to the water so it is as accurate as possible. I would be interested in your opinions.


Tim Tighe