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Well our U.S.A. Bassin circuit has finally ended on Cheatham Lake and the regular Thursday night tournament goes on until mid to late August. It is also a good tournament and only costs $20 per person to enter if anyone is interested you would be welcome. Like most tournaments we had mixed results from winning… Continue Reading


The water is getting close to 59 degrees in the Harpeth River and several of the creeks. The main lake is 56 to 57 degrees but still slightly stained. The Harpeth River is better in relation to clarity and the creeks vary in relation to clarity so you need to look around. I did catch… Continue Reading


Between the rains and the variability of temperature the fishing the last few weeks has been sporatic on Cheatham Lake. This is nothing unusual for this time of year but requires a lot of work to figure a pattern out. Water temperature is rising slightly to about 56 degrees in the creeks and the Harpeth… Continue Reading

Early Spring 3-15-18

Due to other obligations (work related) I have not been doing much fishing until just recently. When I went Thursday 3-15-18 on Cheatham Lake the water was still in the high forties and low fifties late in the day. It was slow but I did manage to catch a 4 and a 5 lber as… Continue Reading


I have not been out fishing much lately due to deer hunting and being pressed back into service to help out with my former job in aerospace due to some medical issues of some of my coworkers. I managed to get out Saturday 12-16-17 and the water in relation to clarity is in good shape.… Continue Reading


Yesterday proved to be successful on Cheatham Lake in Sycamore Creek. The shad were there from the mouth to about the first major bend. You could use you electronics to see the shad and their depth and use a red eye shad rattle bait or crankbait to catch them. The water temperature was approximately 58… Continue Reading


The last week has been typical fall inconsistent fishing. Some days I caught them very well and other days it was a struggle. Like so many other times of the year on Cheatham Lake finding the bait and the correct conditions has been critical. The main lake and some of the creeks are in much… Continue Reading


The last few days have made it very clear why it is imperative to fish the moment on Cheatham Lake especially this time of year. Last week I was catching bass well in Dyson’s Ditch with fish up to seven pounds as well as numerous other keeper sized fish. Last Friday that water temperature was… Continue Reading

10-25-17 The late fall migration

It has been several weeks since I have updated this because I have been waiting for the fall migration and it has not really happened yet. Last year it happened very late September and early October but the temperatures this year have remained warm enough to keep this from being in progress. I have been… Continue Reading


The Power of Observation By Tim Tighe 9-19-17 Tim Tighe Most of the 300 foot bluffs in the Harpeth River are blanketed in thick fog as I round the bend a couple of miles from the ramp. When we near the ramp, the river at water level about a mile upstream becomes visible, and… Continue Reading