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Here we go again, another post with several days in between. This is unusual for me but I have so many non fishing things going on that it is just the reality. When I have been out it has been some very good days and some tough ones. This is not that unusual for this time of year on Cheatham Lake, especially with this sporadic weather and clarity issues. I keep telling myself that the fall frenzy should be starting any time but I have not seen shad being chased on any consistent basis. I believe there could be a couple reasons for this. One, the cooler temperatures still don’t have the water cooling down drastically yet and two, the recent rains have the water more stained than normal and since the gamefish chasing shad is more productive when they can see better, since they are sight feeders, is also a variable. The water Friday was 64 degrees and clarity was improving in the main lake or river and still very stained but improving in the Harpeth River. The other creeks such as Sycamore and Marrowbone are similar to the main river. I plan on fishing everyday this week and I promise I will keep you informed so you don’t miss the fall frenzy when it happens.


The main lake as of yesterday was flowing so strong I had to put my 112 pound trolling motor on 70% just to hold my boat still facing into the current. Normally I use 20% and I am slightly moving forward. It is also stained somewhat but not too stained to keep you from catching… Continue Reading


The main lake and the Harpeth River are in better or as good a shape in relation to water clarity as they have been all year. The main lake is about 78 degrees and the Harpeth River is about 80 degrees. Most of the fish have been similar to last week in 10 to 15… Continue Reading


I am behind again due to numerous other tasks lately but as of yesterday the shad were not being chased in open water on the surface by the bass. After today I will get back to fishing on a regular basis, which is what I am used to, and pay close attention to when this… Continue Reading


I’m a little behind this week updating this due to client preparation and some other issues. I usually do this on Wednesday but I just got behind this week. I have caught a 5.5 pound largemouth bass, a 20 inch smallmouth bass and a 6 pound 2 ounce largemouth bass and took pictures of them… Continue Reading


I have been working on forcing myself to learn or improve on techniques that I know are effective but are not my key strengths like drop shoting, top water lures and a few other lesser used techniques. My go to techniques usually involve flipping because I have so much success with it and therefore a… Continue Reading


The Harpeth River is starting to clear in some areas and some are still slightly stained. It is all good enough to be fishable, some areas are just better than others. It was about 81 to 82 degrees today in the afternoon.  I did see some small schools of shad but nothing like I have… Continue Reading


After watching much of the Forest Wood Cup this past weekend it somewhat reminds me of my week fishing Cheatham Lake. Some days were productive and some were not. Since I get to fish almost everyday I am constantly striving to try to figure out this puzzle we call fishing. The problem is that this… Continue Reading

8-8- 18

Well folks I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is there has been a very good shad spawn this year in Cheatham Lake which obviously means a good food supply for our fish. The bad news is there is so much of it that it is getting tougher to compete… Continue Reading


We just finished staying for a week on Kentucky Lake on Cypress Springs Creek at The Cabin on Cypress Trail , which is a wonderful place with all the fisherman and nature lover could ask for just a few miles from Paris Landing, including a place just like home with everything furnished but your food… Continue Reading