I’m a little behind this week updating this due to client preparation and some other issues. I usually do this on Wednesday but I just got behind this week. I have caught a 5.5 pound largemouth bass, a 20 inch smallmouth bass and a 6 pound 2 ounce largemouth bass and took pictures of them but the pictures didn’t turn out too well so I probably won’t post them on here. I don’t take many pictures unless I’m with a client because I’m supposed to catch fish. I caught the 5.5 flipping wood and the other 2 on topwater lures. I am doing a lot of searching trying to catch the fall bite where anything that eats shad will start chasing them and some great fishing will be on. So far in Cheatham Lake it has been very sporadic. I can tell by the signs it is very close and I will let you know when it starts. You don’t want to miss it if there is anyway you can get out there. With the temperatures starting to cool down next week there is a good chance this may start it. Once it starts it is more of an open water technique so use lures to cover water such as topwaters, lipless crankbaits such as Red Eye Shad or Rattle Traps, crankbaits, swimbaits or anything that imitates a shad and you can cover water with. Find the shad and you will usually find the fish. This part of the process is key so keep moving until you find them. Trust me, you will enjoy it. Keep an eye on this blog because as soon as it starts I will tell you.