Tim Tighe on the lower half of Cheatham Lake: As of Monday afternoon, the Harpeth River, Sycamore Creek, and several other creeks are extremely muddy. A few of the creeks like Marrowbone, Brush and Sam’s creek are stained but not as muddy and I was pleasantly surprised that the main lake or river is not as bad clarity wise as it was Saturday and Sunday.  I was not expecting this and caught fish relatively well Monday flipping soft plastics around wood in the main lake. Keep safety first as there are still some potential hazards in the form of logs and other debris. The heavy rains also lowered the water temperature from 78 degrees to 73 degrees which could help with the fall migration especially since the temperatures for the next week will be lower than normal. This time of year it is very important to always be watching for this to start because you don’t want to miss it. Watch for the shad and bass getting more active on flats and in the backs of creeks. Once this starts using lipless crankbaits, KVD 1.5’s and jerkbaits will produce some great numbers. For more information go to Tim Tighe Outdoors .com and check out my new blog.