Tim Tighe on the lower half of Cheatham Lake: As of Monday afternoon, the Harpeth River, Sycamore Creek, and several other creeks are in as good of shape as I have seen them all year and the main lake or river is also in good shape. I caught fish relatively well all week flipping soft plastics around wood in the main lake as well as various other junk fishing episodes in Dysons ditch and several miles up the Harpeth River on spinnerbaits, crankbaits and of course flipping soft plastics.  The water temperature was as low as 68 degrees last week which made me optimistic that this could help with the fall migration. This combined with the amount of daylight diminishing this time of year is what gets the fall migration started. I saw shad starting to move to the flats but the warm weather this week has changed that and moved everything back to the summer patterns. The water temperatures were 75 degrees today with the forecast calling for warm temperatures the rest of this week. This time of year it is very important to always be watching for this to start because you don’t want to miss it. It is some of the best fishing of the year. Watch for the shad and bass getting more active on flats and in the backs of creeks. Once this starts using lipless crankbaits, KVD 1.5’s, jerkbaits and if it stays this clear, swimbaits will produce some great numbers. For more information go to Tim Tighe Outdoors .com and check out my new blog.