The Harpeth River is starting to clear in some areas and some are still slightly stained. It is all good enough to be fishable, some areas are just better than others. It was about 81 to 82 degrees today in the afternoon.  I did see some small schools of shad but nothing like I have been seeing in the main lake. The water was down about 1.5 feet this afternoon which limits the shallow bite so I caught most of my fish on the first major breakline. I also saw most of the fish on my electronics still in deeper water.

I also spent some time in the main lake which was rough because of the wind. This obviously makes it more difficult to find schools of shad but up in Sycamore Creek there were large schools of shad. It appears that they are just starting to migrate up in the creeks which can produce great fishing when the bass, the white bass or other fish that feed on them realize this is happening. This is some of the best fishing of the year if you can be in the right place at the right time. I would highly recommend watching this closely because 100 fish days are not out of the question during this period. The main lake is about 79 to 80 degrees and is in relatively good shape in relation to clarity. I have caught some this week around wood in deeper water but most of the fish appear to be in the main channel following the shad.