After watching much of the Forest Wood Cup this past weekend it somewhat reminds me of my week fishing Cheatham Lake. Some days were productive and some were not. Since I get to fish almost everyday I am constantly striving to try to figure out this puzzle we call fishing. The problem is that this time of year there are many things changing on a daily basis that often make us question if we are doing something wrong. Are we in the wrong spot, are the fish going to feed well several hours from now, are we using the wrong bait or technique and numerous other variables. I consider myself blessed to be able to try to solve this puzzle because as the pros or experts say there is no substitute for time on the water. Several weeks ago I was catching them very well fishing around wood watching the shad fry and realizing that the larger fish were eating the bluegill and small bass that were feeding on the small shad. The big bass were not eating the shad fry. Now there are several different sizes of shad fry and I’m noticing that the first wave of them, which are about 1.5 inches long already are were the biggest fish are more often found. I’m having very little success on keeper size bass around these smaller fry. I also feel that after several weeks of this bumper crop of shad fry the bass are getting back in good enough shape that they don’t need to feed as often, which also complicates the issue. I’m having less success around wood and more success in deeper water. Again we must ask ourselves, is this because there is more food and therefore the fish can feed faster shrinking our window of opportunity or numerous other variables?  I will keep working on this puzzle and will keep you informed of my progress.

Currently the main lake is in decent shape as far as clarity and is about 80 to 81 degrees and the Harpeth River is still slightly stained and about 82 to 84 degrees. I am having more success in the main lake currently if I can find shad and fish activity and out deeper if necessary.