We just finished staying for a week on Kentucky Lake on Cypress Springs Creek at The Cabin on Cypress Trail , which is a wonderful place with all the fisherman and nature lover could ask for just a few miles from Paris Landing, including a place just like home with everything furnished but your food and beverages, very reasonably priced with great fishing, a ramp, a restaurant, dish TV with all the outdoor channels, a grill on the deck and anything else you could possibly need. We have been there before and we highly recommend the great time when dealing with owners Joe and Marilyn Thornton at 270-753-2486 or 270-227-7823. They also have 2 other options that are bigger and smaller that are just as wonderful and they are very nice to deal with. If you want to go on vacation or have a tournament up that way, I’m sure you could not go wrong giving them a call. I caught a 20 inch smallmouth bass as well as numerous largemouth bass and my wife had a great time swimming.

When I got back to Cheatham Lake, as much as we liked Kentucky Lake, I caught them very well Monday morning. I was using the same tactics I used at Kentucky Lake after I figured out that the bluegill and small bass were chasing the shad frey and the larger bass were lying in wait in the nearest cover. I fished the cover closest to the activity with flipping equipment and had 5 fish that were collectively over 20 pounds in about 4 hours. I did this same thing a few weeks ago at Kentucky Lake with even better success ( see my blog on this website from a couple weeks ago) so I would recommend this tactic while it lasts and the conditions are correct. Tuesday and Wednesday I also had some success with this tactic but the water became a little more stained which slowed the bite. The best conditions are calm clear water in the main lake or river, since bass are sight feeders, and look around wood for schools of shad frey. If you see the shad being chased you are in business.

The main lake as of Monday was clear and about 1.5 ft. low but Tuesday and Wednesday had the water back to normal height but slightly stained. The water temperature as of Wednesday morning was 79 degrees and the Harpeth River was about 81 degrees. The Harpeth River is still stained but fishable, just not as clear as I would like it. Feel free to contact me with questions on timtigheoutdoors.com or at 615-310-1280.