Well our U.S.A. Bassin circuit has finally ended on Cheatham Lake and the regular Thursday night tournament goes on until mid to late August. It is also a good tournament and only costs $20 per person to enter if anyone is interested you would be welcome. Like most tournaments we had mixed results from winning first place and big fish in one tournament to weighing nothing in one of the tournaments. We also had some seconds and thirds but the biggest thing I learned was fishing earlier in the day and with very little competition for spots is drastically different than a four hour tournament with 40 boats in it when the lake fishes that small. That is one of the things I really enjoy about fishing. No matter how much you think you know there is always more to learn.

A good example of this was last week at Kentucky Lake. I went down to flip lily pads figuring the bass would be feeding on the bait fish and would use the pads for shade. I saw many schools of bait fish being chased but I couldn’t get the bass to bite any of my numerous offerings. I finally just stopped and watched and soon realized that what was chasing and eating the fry were bluegill and small bass. I started flipping about one to two feet back into the pads and instantly started catching good keeper sized bass from 15.5 inches to as big as 18 inches. They were sitting back in the shade of the pads and when the bluegill and small bass came by them they would dart out and get a big meal. I caught 15 keepers in 4 hours and had a few too big to move out of the pads. I came back the next day to make sure that it wasn’t a fluke and did the same thing again with a 5 pounder mixed in.  Being observant and always being willing to learn is critical to getting better.