Between the rains and the variability of temperature the fishing the last few weeks has been sporatic on Cheatham Lake. This is nothing unusual for this time of year but requires a lot of work to figure a pattern out. Water temperature is rising slightly to about 56 degrees in the creeks and the Harpeth River and the main channel or river is still about 52 degrees, then we will get a cold front and it will change again. The stained water does not help either. The only thing tougher than cold water is cold muddy water.

This does not mean that you can’t catch fish, you just have to work harder to figure the confused fish out. Because of the longer days and the water temperature rising the fish want to spawn and then a cold front comes and confuses them again. I have caught them relatively well in the last few days in some clearer water like Rock Harbor Marina and Richland Creek but I have not had the success that I would have hoped for. We also need to pay attention to quick fluctuations in water height, like Saturday when it changed 2.5 feet in one day. When the shallow water drops this much this quickly the fish abandon the shallows and move back deeper until the water level stabilizes again.

My recommendation until things stabilize is to use our knowledge of bass biology to find the areas that have the best conditions and keep searching until we figure things out. Then of course they will change again and we will start the process all over.