The main lake as of yesterday was flowing so strong I had to put my 112 pound trolling motor on 70% just to hold my boat still facing into the current. Normally I use 20% and I am slightly moving forward. It is also stained somewhat but not too stained to keep you from catching fish. The techniques that worked best for me were flipping black and blue or dark colored flipping baits such as jigs or Brushhogs around cover. Being around cover minimizes their need to fight the current and they feel more secure. I also had some success on squarebill crankbaits bumping wood as well as some success on spinnerbaits. Sight baits such as deep diving crankbaits and swimbaits did not produce well. The water level is close to normal but the current is unusually strong. There must be a significant amount of water being released from Old Hickory Lake due to some of the heavy rains. The water temperature is about 72 degrees. Like any other day you fish Cheatham Lake you must fish the moment because all of this could change in just a few days. The Harpeth River is somewhat stained, just slightly more than the main lake, but that could change also if more rain water is coming in from about. Currently my most productive time has been spent in the main lake.