10-25-17 The late fall migration

It has been several weeks since I have updated this because I have been waiting for the fall migration and it has not really happened yet. Last year it happened very late September and early October but the temperatures this year have remained warm enough to keep this from being in progress. I have been catching some fish by junk fishing but I am struggling to find large concentrations of bass and shad. It is starting to get colder so I am confident it will happen soon.

One of my better areas, the Harpeth River is now very muddy which means I will be fishing flats in the main lake which is in relatively  good shape. It is a timing thing and I will keep you informed when it finally does start. My plan is to keep moving until I see the correct signs, shad and bass, and use moving baits such as rattle baits, crankbaits etc. until it happens. I can always catch some junk fishing but that is not nearly as productive. If we can hit the fall migration correctly it is a bonanza.


Tim Tighe