Here we go again, another post with several days in between. This is unusual for me but I have so many non fishing things going on that it is just the reality. When I have been out it has been some very good days and some tough ones. This is not that unusual for this time of year on Cheatham Lake, especially with this sporadic weather and clarity issues. I keep telling myself that the fall frenzy should be starting any time but I have not seen shad being chased on any consistent basis. I believe there could be a couple reasons for this. One, the cooler temperatures still don’t have the water cooling down drastically yet and two, the recent rains have the water more stained than normal and since the gamefish chasing shad is more productive when they can see better, since they are sight feeders, is also a variable. The water Friday was 64 degrees and clarity was improving in the main lake or river and still very stained but improving in the Harpeth River. The other creeks such as Sycamore and Marrowbone are similar to the main river. I plan on fishing everyday this week and I promise I will keep you informed so you don’t miss the fall frenzy when it happens.